Benefits of Handwriting

  At first there was only verbal communication.  Stories and traditional rituals were passed verbally from generation to generation.  As culture evolved, the need of communication did to.  The communication tool where from stories to pictographs and then handwriting. Handwriting is referred to a person’s particular style of writing.  Handwriting is also known as, writing, script or penmanship.  Handwriting is more than a communication tool; … Continue reading Benefits of Handwriting

What you didn’t know about Lavender….

Did you know that the virtues of the Lavender Essential Oil were discovered due an accident? Yes!! When I learn this the first time that came to my mind was; difficulties are a way to achieve something big. This awesome French Chemist and Scholard, named René Gattefossé, who is known as the Father of Aromatherapy, was working on his lab, when he had an accident … Continue reading What you didn’t know about Lavender….

We Can Do IT

“Can be a more insidious word? “later”, as in I’ll do it later… the diet starts “tomorrow”, the job hunting… that happens “eventually” the pursuit of the life dream that begins “someday” combine with other self-imposed roadblocks and lock us on autopilot” – Jennifer Reed. How many times has you been caught in a situation that you’ll resolve later, a load of clothes that “can … Continue reading We Can Do IT

6 Tips to Help You Deal with Who Annoys You

One of the things PIB seek is to help you have an emotional healthy relationship, not only with yourself but also with others.  After all, we live in a world full of people. I was reading a John Maxwell book and something he “said” was: “you have to see a 10 in people forehead”.  At first, I was like: NICE” but giving it a deep … Continue reading 6 Tips to Help You Deal with Who Annoys You

“How do we love? Not in big things, but in small things with great love.” – Extract from Instructions to the Sisters in 1984- Mother Theresa I was working on some product pictures last weekend.  While I was staging everything up for the bookmark pics I took a book.  This book was given to me when I divorced, by a friend, with an amazing handwritten … Continue reading