It’s All About The Experience

Had happen to you that you go to a store and get and item, then later you realized you can find that item or a similar one for less of the price you paid? I think it had happened to all of us. Which made me think, why after the acknowledgement of that fact, I keep going to the place where I get an item that cost me more, than getting it at another place for less? And I got to the conclusion that it’s all about THE EXPERIENCE!!

The experience of opening that item you got, (over the net or from a walk in store) is more like opening a present. My hubby, most of the time picks up my mail at the mail station, and he knows he CAN’T open it; not even to tell me what’s inside. All because I really enjoy that process of taking off all the tape, papers and sometimes ribbons (that’s why I like handmade items so much). That process gives me the sensation of opening a package that’s being designed especially for me (even when I know it’s not exclusive). A well designed packaging get you to enjoy the process of open it, making you feel and understand that it has been really planned, and you can confirm that in all the small details. (The stamp, stickers, the papers, the ribbons, etc…)

Basically, the excitement and pleasure I get while opening a package, it’s was what made me create one of the most sale items on my Etsy Shop (; which it’s also one of the most wanted items for photographers in my area. I’m talking about my CD/DVD Cases! This package doesn’t need anything else, just the product inside (CD/DVD). The CD/DVD Case would make a cute CD full of pictures look like a really expensive gift; and it still have all the sentiment and emotions of the pictures, homemade movies etc… but the combination of the design of the CD/DVD Case with the sentiment of the content of the CD/DVD inside it’s what will make that present/product unforgivable and unique.

Photographers like Frames ( that sell not only a photo, but a complete experience that integrate most of your senses, understand the importance of a well presented package, and we (Frames & PIB) decided to include the logo in it. For what I’ve heard, the reactions for the combination of a great packaging and amazing photography art are simply amazing. (You should take a look of her work, it’s simply breathtaking).

Handcrafters, and small business, have a great combination of customer service, unique items and packaging, which probably give you goosebumps as result of THE EXPERIENCE!


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