France & Fashion Daydream

Sometimes creative persons can find inspiration in the most unexpected ways… day dream, in my case (which happen constantly 😀 ) is one of the most often ways to find inspiration. As a lover of vintage and retro style, not only in fashion but in my décor items etc., you’ll find me day dreaming and living on that direction.

While I was dreaming about my passport full of vintage stamps, from several trips, including France (one of the leading countries in the Fashion Industry) has led to the result of the latest addition to Paper in Bloom Shop.

With an embossed (textured) vintage travel stamps pattern, as a delightful background, a polychromatic thread pattern, a sewing mannequin and a great satin energetic yellow ribbon are the perfect mix of Dreams of Fashion in France.

As a crafter, with lots of projects in mind (constantly) I find myself trapped in the constant dream of sewing. Imagine how my wardrobe would be? Once again, I find myself taking notes of that “one more thing” I want to do… and of course, day dreaming about Fashion and France.


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