Conquer Your Day

When I started experiencing the feeling of disorganization and craziness that bring the “lack of time”, I knew something had to be done.  That’s when I started making lists.  They make me feel in control and organized. Finally, I can say I beat the “lack of time” every single day, staying on top of what business and demanding lifestyle bring.

Lists will make you feel like you can conquer every day, even on the hardest days. I know lists will help you remember all that need to be done.  Because that is what I’ve done!   You can start with a short “to do list”.  You can write: organized the kitchen, do the laundry, reply emails, and that might work. But when something really specific needs to be done, break down every task.  For example, rather than organize the kitchen, write declutter kitchen drawers, or trash the old spices.  Breaking down the lists for specific tasks will help you achieve all the exact missions of the day.

You can use lists in any aspect of your life.  I dare you to keep on top of your everyday life. I know it’s hard between jobs, kids, pets, a house and everything else that comes with the day, but when you do lists and you look at them at the end of the day you’ll feel like you have OWN your day, because you’ve accomplished all that needed to be done! Take the chance to enjoy the small victories of every day! I know you can and I know you’ll feel amazing, because you’ll be in control!

Because I want you to feel in control, I want to give you a free “To Do List” (TO DO LIST PRINTABLE). Print them and use them every day!! And please don’t forget to reward yourself with a treat for your hard work, I know you need it and you deserve it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!! I hope this help you feeling on top of your day!!

Ps: I would love to know how you feel after conquer your day with lists!


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