Hearts in Bloom

When someone asks me, what you do? My answer is I help people’s skin, mind and hearts bloom.   Today I’ll only explain how I help Bloom People’s heart.

I started creating cards to maintain that classic form of expression and communication; the writing words, and to make people feel special.

Some people have issues expressing themselves verbally, but for some reason, when they try to express how they feel or what they want through writing everything just comes out, easily and nicely.

At the times we live, with all the stress, jobs, house, children and/or pets is really nice to feel that warm “touch” of the written word that fill our hearts with joy and happiness.  On these days, people are more likely to look at the email than to look at the mailbox; because we are receiving emails every single moment of the day!  For that reason, when you actually look into your mailbox and you see an envelope there, you at first, get to wonder what that might be, but when you actually take that envelope in your hands and see is not a bill but a card or a letter from someone you know you, you get excited!!

In the process of opening that envelope and taking that card out you are already fill with joy and excitement… because is not usual…  By the time you start reading that handwritten note you might be already smiling.  All this happen in a matter of seconds, but it get to your heart!!

Handwritten words get to your heart so fast… You are amused, you are thrilled!!! Maybe at the moment you are just smiling because it was nice to know from someone.  But the amazing part of this is, you are pleased because is something different, it’s something enjoyable and because YOU matter!!

You are so important that someone took the time to sit and write you a UNIQUE card, because no matter how many times you write and write the same note, it will never be the same.

This is how I help Bloom people’s heart.  This is my contribution of happiness and joy to the world!! Because when people are happy, when people feel good they will make other people feel good too. Happiness is contagious!! And we all deserve happiness…

Small details like a handwritten card or a simple kind gesture to other make the difference!!!

So, today… make someone’s heart Bloom, you’ll see the difference!!!!


2 thoughts on “Hearts in Bloom

  1. Siempre hacia adelante, siempre con la misma energía. Continúa así, viviendo tus sueños y alcanzando más metas.

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