Skin and Mind in Bloom

Last week I told you that I make people’s Skin, Mind & Hearts Bloom, and I explained how I make hearts bloom (check Hearts in Bloom please!).  This week I’ll explain how I make people’s Skin and Mind Bloom.

I know being a mom, a wife and worker is freaking hard.  Even those “super moms” we all know, get to feel all stress out and even lost, from time to time.  It’s normal!! Is not ideal but it’s completely normal.  The key  is in how you balance all that “chaos” we usually call life, and how you make time for yourself.

Most of you might think how I’ll make time for yourself when you can’t even eat your dinner hot, when you remember you have to eat.  I’ll tell you how. Everyday we have to shower (at least we should!!)  Make that shower time, your “me” time.  It’s really easy.  You can shower with a natural soap which is scented with essential oils or a fragrance you like! Easy as that!! At work, use a natural lotion which reminds you that you are women! At home, light a nice soy candle!! Take that time for you!! Even if it’s only 5 – 10 minutes!! Make time for you!!! You deserve to feel like the amazing woman you are.  Take time to love yourself!!! Let that beautiful skin of yours bloom, while your mind focus on the amazing things of life!! Forget for those minutes everything… your job, the kids… the dog!!!

In order to be a great mom, a great worker and a great wife you need to love yourself and make time for you, you have to understand YOU NEED time for you!! You’ll see the difference!!! Let your skin bloom, and your mind fly!!! I know is can be tricky but I also know you need it!!! And you deserve it!!!

I can help you Bloom your Skin and Mind!!! (CLICK HERE)  Be happy… it’s Legal and you Deserve it!!!

Thank you for taking the time for reading this… If you like it follows, comment and share!!!


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