Have a Dotty Day!

“Every time I see dots, I think of you!” Yup, I get that… A LOT! ♥.   One of the most frequently question is: why you love dots so much? But, the question that pop into my head every time someone asks me that is what is NOT to love about dots?

Paper in Bloom’s goal is to make people happy and help them feel great about themselves, but also help spreading the happiness and love into the world through handwritten cards and/or handmade (natural) products.  (In the past two entries I talked about that).  A dot is a reflection of my contribution to the world.  I want people to feel good, I want people to feel special, I want people to be happy… I want people to BLOOM!!

Dots are happy shapes!! No matter where inside a dot you draw two eyes, the face is ALWAYS SMILING!!  Amazing huh!!

So the next time you see a dot, don’t only think about a pattern; use it as a reminder of happiness! If you are all grouchy and touchy feeling, use it as a reminder to stand (or sit) straight and smile!!! Smile to someone!! Find a way to make others feel special!! And don’t forget, you deserve happiness!! Is FREE and it’s LEGAL!!

Have a Dotty Day!!!

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