Recently I read an article about how to get attention in the media.  One of the points I relate to was: “Handwrite a Thank You Card”.  And this, my dear, is what I will be talking writing about today.

Doing some research I discovered that 22% of hiring managers are less likely to hire you if they don’t receive a thank you note from you.  I’m not saying that automatically you’ll get the job, I’m telling you it might help.

Now, you might think, seriously? Well, Yes!! When you send to a hiring managers a Thank You Card, you are showing courtesy and good manners, because you are showing appreciation for their time, and it also work as reminder of how interested you are in the job.

A Thank You Card is a great opportunity to “help them” remember you.  Use it as a tool, being specific in your message.  For example:

Mr/Mrs. Taylor, thank you for taking the time to interview me last, Monday, August 2, and considering me as a Team Leader prospect with my coaching skills.  Have a great day.

Short, simple and a great reminder, but always remember to BE YOURSELF, while writing the note.  You should also include a contact card.

You might be thinking, Fantastic, I’ll write an email.  STOP!! Breathe and Think… How many emails you delete without even opening them? The same can happen to you. Nine from ten people prefer a written note.  You know why? Because is Rare!!

A handwritten Thank You Card, will help you not only to show appreciation and help them remember you, but it’s also a great opportunity to be Bold and Stand Out.  Don’t stay sit with the crow, Be Rare! Be Bold! Be You and… Stand Out.  (I’ll help you – Just click HERE)


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