Are Greeting Cards Good for Your Business?

We live in a technological world.  That will probably make you think the only for of communication as an employer or entrepreneur is by phone or email…  Well… I have an idea that might help you step out, be bold but classy… Be different.

You just finished a great project or signed a contract with a new client? What’s next? Write a card!! A card is a great way to thank a new client for the opportunity given to help them.  It will show appreciation and interest… Bonus points if is handwritten, because you are giving them your time!!

Send a card to that amazing co-worker that worked his/her ass off so hard with you to accomplish that project or that special task. Are you a boss?  What about showing that handworker employee how proud you are to have her/him working with you.

When employees/clients or co-worker fell the appreciation you have for their work/opportunity, they feel happy.  Happy employees /  co-workers are most likely to work harder every time, and to have your back when you need it; because they know you understand all the work behind that projectWhen a client is happy, they are most likely to keep coming back to you and to refer you to friends.

Remember, when you are offering a service or a product, is not only about offering a great product or specialized service, but is also about giving them the whole experience to get help or also to feel appreciate and valuable.

So, what are you waiting to start giving your client or co-worker the whole experience of working with you?

Are you stuck? I can create personalized cards for your business don’t hesitate in contacting me. I’ll be happy to help you.


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