Clean Home = Happy Home

Lately it has been crazy around the house.  A lot of compromises and work, as a result, I got a disorganized home.  I realized it was getting into me, all the “madness” of going in and out without energy and time to tide things up.

When you have a one year old around the house, it must be clean and clear; because they always find what to grab, what to move and things to hide.  She is a doll, but she is also leave big messes (yes, we are on training!! She’ll learn!!).  I was feeling really stressed, even when I have “ME TIME” everyday.  (Yes!! Everyday!!… You can too, learn it HERE).   Then, I realized the root of all my stress wasn’t how much work I have, or going in and out, or even that she takes everything out… It’s the DISORGANIZATION.

Last Saturday, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll already know, I decided it was Cleaning Day.  I spent the day cleaning and clearing some boxes (because we finally bought a house, months ago!!).  But something that I’m really concerned is about all that chemicals and horrible fumes most cleansers contain and that are really bad for your health and yours kids health.

So, here, I’ll tell you a few ways that you can clean your home without all those chemicals. CLEAN THE NATURAL WAY… You can substitute your cleansers for these:

Baking soda scrubs shiny materials without scratching and deodorized.

Borax deodorizes and prevents mildew and mold from growing.  It also boosts powder detergent.

Castile soap is an oil based soap, gentle to skin and good for cleaning.

Vinegar is a mild acid and can dissolve mineral deposits and grease.  Remove traces of soap mildew or wax build up.

Here some recipes that might help you:

All purpose:1 cup Vinegar, 4 tbs Castile Soap & 1 cup water or 4 tbs baking soda and 1qt of warm water.

Disinfectant: ½ cup borax + 1 gallon of hot water.

Bathroom: Spray all with all purpose and pour baking soda, scrub let it sit a while, scrub and wash away.

Glass cleanser: Vinegar!!!

It’s easy and inexpensive to have a nice clean home, in a natural way!! Because a clean home is a happy home!!


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