“How do we love? Not in big things, but in small things with great love.” – Extract from Instructions to the Sisters in 1984- Mother Theresa

I was working on some product pictures last weekend.  While I was staging everything up for the bookmark pics I took a book.  This book was given to me when I divorced, by a friend, with an amazing handwritten dedication, wishing me the best and the way of true happiness.  The book contains quotes of Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa has been and always be one of the most inspirational person, in peoples live.  She knew that making good to one person a time, was more valuable than waiting for the “right moment” to impact a big crow in order to make a change.  Small acts of kindness and love are what this world need.

We constantly talk about how bad things are, and how “government should do something about” in the meanwhile we have been completely blindfold by our personal problems that we can’t see the person next to us.

We can do small things with GREAT love.  Here some examples of small, random acts of kindness that can help US make the difference:

  • Help the old lady who can’t carry the groceries to the car.
  • Take a look to that neighbor kid that is about to run off street, chasing his dog; while the mother is trying to stop the kid.
  • Open the door for the person that is coming behind you.
  • SMILE! (Remember happiness IS contagious)
  • Let the person behind you at the supermarket pay first (after all, only have a few items)

I dare you today to make a small, random act of love to the person next to you.  You’ll feel amazing, I can tell as a fact, and you’ll be making the difference in others life…. You’ll love through small actions.

Have a great day!!


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