6 Tips to Help You Deal with Who Annoys You

One of the things PIB seek is to help you have an emotional healthy relationship, not only with yourself but also with others.  After all, we live in a world full of people.

I was reading a John Maxwell book and something he “said” was: “you have to see a 10 in people forehead”.  At first, I was like: NICE” but giving it a deep thought I went like: $%^&! How Can I actually do that with those who annoy me? There is a challenge!!! I have to admit, my “filter” came damage from fabric!!  I’m a really open, straight forward person, and sometimes it’s hard to me to express myself the in right, healthy way. I’m still working on it!!

So, here, Six Tips to Help You Deal with Who Annoys You…

  1. Unfollow / Unfriend – I think this is the easiest one.  If the one that bothers you is on social media, and you get all irritate and mad with the posts, because you find them offensive, or whatever, take the shortcut…. Press unfollow or unfriend!! What you can’t read / see, won’t bother you!!
  1. Try Not to Lose It – I know it’s hard, so sit, breath… breath… breath…  When you lose your temper on silly things, on daily basis you are the only one getting hurt. The other person won’t even know, and you’ll be the grouchiest person alive, because you’ll go from anger to anger one and another time and it can become your personality… Don’t be the grouchiest person alive… go the 3rd tip!
  1. Know that People Won’t Act or Talk Like You – (I have to admit, this is really hard for me). Don’t expect people to think or act like you think is right.  We are not the same!! We might share some thoughts and or ideals alike but we are not the same.  Our background, our live and our formations are not the same… Not necessarily people will think like you. Accept it, embrace it and if you messed up talk about it, ask for forgiveness and keep growing as a human being.
  1. Acknowledge They Might Not Know that Bothers You – When you realized that people might not think or act like you, you’ll be able to understand that is really possible that he/she don’t know what they are doing, and how much it bothers you.  So, keep your cool, and talk. Let he/her know NICELY!
  1. Be Straight Forward (politely) – When you already try everything, be straight forward. If that person keeps touching you, say something like: “Please don’t touch me”, if that person keeps interrupting you, you can say something like: “It would be nice if you let me finish without further interruptions”, be firm but nice.
  1. Talk to a Friend – When everything else fails, work more on you.  Understand people are people and they might not change.  Don’t get worked out with things you can’t control.  Let it go, get a nice bottle of wine and talk with a friend.

I still working on me, I still letting things go, I have asked for forgiveness and I’ll have to keep breathing… I can tell, as a fact, that if you work on that issue… you’ll feel better at the end of the day!!

If you feel identified somehow with this, or you think it might be helpful for someone, please like and share!!!


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