Love Them by Loving You

As a mom I know we want to take care of everyone, every time.  We want to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect employee, the perfect one.   I used to be one. With time I realized that in order to take care and love other we have to take care and love ourselves; put ourselves first. Be “selfish” in a healthy way.

This don’t mean that you’ll are going to leave everything hanging… the baby crying, the dinner undone and the husband on the TV drinking beer by himself.  As a baby learns to walk, you can start making small change (baby steps) with huge impact. Here some changes you can make:

Ask for help: You can ask your hubby, your sister or someone to help you with small things like, cooking, or doing the dishes, or watch the baby while you take time to do something you like.  Even if it’s for 10 minutes a day, take that “me time” and shower and clear your mind. Feel you. Or read a few pages of a book!!

If you don’t like it, don’t eat it: If there is something bothering your peace of mind, take the time to talk about it. Don’t argue! Talk. It might help ease the sourness of people actions.

Don’t compare yourself: In the name of Kung Fu Panda, if what you usually do works for you, don’t change it.  Don’t let those “super woman” who appear to have and does everything perfect kill your vibe.  Remember, you don’t walk her path, and you are NOT the same.

Be kind to yourself: Don’t expect people to be kind and nice to you if you don’t treat yourself well.  Is like when you read: dress for the like you want, not the job you have.  Exactly, be nice to yourself, eat what you like (if its ice cream and stuff like me, please BALANCE is the key), wear what make you feel you, not what others expect to see you, and speak your mind… don’t swallow your words, don’t compromise your integrity but be nice!!! This probably won’t get you lot of “friends” but will help you get the right ones.

Don’t forget, your first love is yourself!

 I hope this can help you understand you are not alone!! We all deal with stuff…

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Have a great one!




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