What you didn’t know about Lavender….

Did you know that the virtues of the Lavender Essential Oil were discovered due an accident? Yes!! When I learn this the first time that came to my mind was; difficulties are a way to achieve something big.

This awesome French Chemist and Scholard, named René Gattefossé, who is known as the Father of Aromatherapy, was working on his lab, when he had an accident and burn himself during an experiment.  The first liquid thing he took (without knowing) to calm the burn was Lavender Essential Oil.  He were so fascinated about how fast it healed without scaring that he became curious about it.

During the World War I, he used this Essential Oil, in soldiers in military hospitals.   Later, during World War II, thanks to all that Mr. Gattefossé had learned about this amazing oil, Dr. Jean Valet used it to successfully treat injured soldiers.

Lavender oil is extracted mostly from the flowers of the lavender plant, primarily through steam distillation. The flowers of lavender are fragrant in nature and I’ll mention a few benefits:

Bug Repellent: The aroma is so potent that It can repel mosquito and other insects.  Also if you apply it to mosquito bites you’ll see how fast it will heal.  This happen because the lavender oil accelerate the regeneration process of the skin.

Sleep: Lavender essential oil reduce the stress and tension helping you to sleep.   So, next time you can’t sleep, put a few drops on the pillow and on your feet.

Soothing and cleansing common cuts: As I briefly mentioned before, In World War I, René Gattefossé experimented on soldiers in military hospitals by using Lavender and other antiseptic essential oils with quite positive results. This same oil can be used to help heal minor cuts by safely killing germs that prevent normal healing.

Bringing relief to bruised areas: Gently rubbing a few drops of Lavender oil around and on sore, bruised areas to promote blood flow, healing and relief for the tenderness and pain.

Soothing minor burns: As René Gattefossé accidentally discovered the anti-scarring and healing effects of Lavender on a laboratory burn, you can use a few drops on minor burns that are caused from things such as small cooking burns or burns caused by a craft iron or glue gun.

Soothing tension and headaches: A few diluted drops of lavender with carrier oil, on the back of the neck can really help bring relief and reduce the headaches caused by tension.

Great for relaxing bath oil: Sometimes you need to ramp up the relaxing effects of Lavender and diffusing and rubbing it topically don’t do the complete trick. Try adding several drops to a warm, relaxing bath, while playing some soft music and lighting some nice candles. A little extra time on those days when you really need a break after work or from the kids can really bring you back to a sense of normalcy.

These are just a few benefits of the Lavender Essential Oils.  It’s really important that you get, Therapeutic Grade Oils, so you can have all the benefits. I recommend Do Terra Oils, you can find them HERE.  If you just want to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing shower, get your natural soap HERE.

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