Are Greeting Cards Good for Your Business?

We live in a technological world.  That will probably make you think the only for of communication as an employer or entrepreneur is by phone or email…  Well… I have an idea that might help you step out, be bold but classy… Be different. You just finished a great project or signed a contract with a new client? What’s next? Write a card!! A card … Continue reading Are Greeting Cards Good for Your Business?

Hearts in Bloom

When someone asks me, what you do? My answer is I help people’s skin, mind and hearts bloom.   Today I’ll only explain how I help Bloom People’s heart. I started creating cards to maintain that classic form of expression and communication; the writing words, and to make people feel special. Some people have issues expressing themselves verbally, but for some reason, when they try to … Continue reading Hearts in Bloom

Conquer Your Day

When I started experiencing the feeling of disorganization and craziness that bring the “lack of time”, I knew something had to be done.  That’s when I started making lists.  They make me feel in control and organized. Finally, I can say I beat the “lack of time” every single day, staying on top of what business and demanding lifestyle bring. Lists will make you feel … Continue reading Conquer Your Day